Pozvánka na praktické workshopy s tématem patentových práv

ip4inno workshops from the EPO

The European Patent Office (EPO) is offering three 2-day workshops this November with a selection of topics from over 60 teaching hours of recently updated material. This popular project is providing business advisors and TTOs with practical IP strategy training they can use when supporting their own client SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups. The modules cover much more than simply "how to register rights", but rather discuss the business context in which IP can be commercialised. Modules on IP licensing, valuation, financing and enforcement provide a complete picture of the role IP plays in protecting and encouraging innovation.

PLEASE NOTE: each of the three workshops includes different topics.  For more information please follow the links below:

14 & 15 November – Munich, Germany
IP in business practice
Includes an all new module on "IP deals in China"

22 & 23 November – Vienna, Austria
IP information for business success

29 & 30 November – Berlin, Germany
Trading IP
Includes an all new module on "IP deals in China"

Attendance costs just €250 for each 2-day workshop - but places are limited to just 20 seats per workshop!  The EPO has recruited many of the authors of these new materials to teach what they have written, so this is a rare opportunity to be taught by the experts in the field.

[The online Virtual Classroom Lessons planned for later this month were fully booked in just ten days! Recordings will be accessible from the ip4inno website later in October, along with those already there from last April.  More VCLs will be planned for next year.]

We look forward to welcoming you to an ip4inno training soon!

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