10 Great Ideas for Marketing Innovations

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Judith Lydia Mercure
Judith Lydia Mercure

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Srdečně Vás zveme na odborný workshop, který je zaměřen na problematiku Marketing inovací. Workshop je určen primárně pro zaměstnance znalostní organizace, kteří se zabývají výzkumem a obchodem a kteří spolupracují s průmyslem na komercializaci výsledků výzkumu.

Workshop proběhne v anglickém jazyce.

A Calibre Communications S2B Marketing Master Class
Hosted by Brno University of Technology (BUT)
Faculty of Business and Management

In an increasingly competitive global research marketplace, European knowledge organizations are under pressure to commercialize research outcomes and support industrial innovation more effectively and creatively. It has never been more important to have staff skilled in S2B (‘Science to Business’) marketing and innovation management.

This one-day workshop consolidates international good practice into ‘TEN GREAT IDEAS FOR MARKETING SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS’. The latest methodological insights are illustrated with case studies from highly successful knowledge organizations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Course insights are communicated interactively. Group exercises give participants the opportunity to immediately trial and apply the methodologies to their own circumstances and organizations.

The workshop’s morning session will focus on ‘FIVE GREAT IDEAS FOR MARKETING FROM THE INSIDE OUT’. We will review how to develop the culture and skills needed to market knowledge and technological outputs effectively.  Targeted S2B marketing tactics will help participants to:

Use Skills Audits and Knowledge Marketing Clinics to make step-changes in your innovation culture.
Use Stakeholder Mapping, Consultation and Planning to develop winning S2B marketing strategies.
Use Competitor and Market Opportunity Analysis to identify and reach the right markets for your new technologies and other research outcomes.
Design and manage inspiring ‘Wow’ projects and teams that get research and business staff and clients working together for maximum effectiveness.
Develop KSI-driven job tools to help your staff and colleagues get better business results fast!

In the afternoon session, we will workshop FIVE GREAT IDEAS for MARKETING FROM PROSPECT TO PARTNER to improve our interaction with industry partners, leading to more profitable and enduring relationships. Participants will:

Use stakeholder-needs-driven prospect-to-partner communications to transform prospects to enduring partners.
Choose and use new digital, interactive media effectively for market research, project planning, and client interaction.
Learn how world-class research organizations have used fore sighting, community consultation and engagement to pursue more market-driven research and business projects.
Review new approaches to positioning knowledge organization for thought leadership and sustainability.
Use Market Challenge Workshops to fast-track research and business collaborations with industry.

Enthusiastically reviewed by participants at a recent prestigious Stanford Ventures Program Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education as offering ‘one of the most useful essential skills frameworks we have seen’,  ‘Ten Great Ideas for Marketing Innovation’ will give your staff and organization new directions to improve internal and external innovation management, delivered in a fun, enjoyable, and practical manner.

The language of the workshop is English.


Judith Lydia Mercure / Director, Calibre Communications and Consulting

Judith Lydia Mercure, Director of Calibre Communications and Consulting, is an experienced market analyst, marketing strategist, corporate communicator, project manager, trainer, and a popular innovation workshop facilitator.

Judith has developed successful and well-received integrated corporate identity, strategic marketing, and new market development campaigns for clients in Australia, the USA, and Europe. She helps scientists, engineers, policy makers, technical and business managers to provide high-impact marketing programs and projects for knowledge organizations, ranging from R&D organizations and universities to technology-based start-up companies. She offers popular S2B (‘Science to Business’) marketing training workshops internationally for innovation management, research, business incubation, and technology transfer professionals.

Judith has won a number of awards, including the Australian Marketing Institute’s Award for Excellence in the export category, and she has played a lead role in two teams winning CSIRO Awards for Business Excellence. She is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurial Marketing at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, and a member of the editorial board of the international journal, Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice.

Judith has a Master’s degree in science and technology marketing (Macquarie University GSM), as well as a Master’s degree in the history and philosophy of science (UNSW). She has published widely and spoken at many international conferences and workshops.

CALIBRE COMMUNICATIONS is an innovation support company with a network of associates based in Europe, the USA, and Australasia. Calibre Communications and Consulting can offer innovation support, including business planning, technology assessments, intellectual asset identification, management and exploitation, and innovation management best practice.

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